Just a few short weeks after starting my dream job as a NICU nurse, I was diagnosed with a non-malignant brain tumor called an Acoustic Neuroma.  My initial symptoms were hearing loss on one side, balance troubles, and migraine headaches.  Overtime, my hearing worsened, half of my face went numb and I had double vision.  On February 14, 2017 I had a nearly 10 hour brain surgery to remove.  Since then, I have learned what it is like to have your identity shattered, be rattled with fear, anxiety and depression and to have no choice but to face reality.  I have worked extremely hard at overcoming all of the battles that have come my way and have decided to share my journey through a blog.  This blog represents the struggles that I faced and shares the lessons that I learn a lot the way.  My hope is that those who are going through lifes challenges are able to find inspiration with my message.