Chapter 9: Overcoming depression – tell someone 

I never thought it would end. The nightmare that replaced my Midas touch. When everything was perfect – I couldn’t complain. I still did, though. Because traffic is annoying. I had nothing to wear. It is challenging deciding when the best time to travel is. Those 5 pounds - pesky, aren’t they? But I celebrated, too. … Continue reading Chapter 9: Overcoming depression – tell someone 


Chapter 8 : Silver lining

On Thursday September 8th, 2016 at 10:15 in the morning, I was diagnosed with a non-malignant, slow growing, 3.2 cm brain tumor. I will never forget this day. I will never forget how the doctor wouldn’t come right out and say it. As he sat across from me and placed the MRI report in front … Continue reading Chapter 8 : Silver lining